The Smartest Way to Use AI to Create New Revenue

Introducing XBert Intelligence, a world-first approach to using Gen-AI for Accountants and Bookkeepers to scale

WEBINAR - UK | NTH AMERICA - 21 June | 12:00 PM BST

XBert Intelligence (XI) is an advanced AI engine, built specifically for the unique needs of accountants and bookkeepers. Think of XI as a trusted member of your team who has been working in the accounting industry for decades.

Imagine being able to do the same level of quality work you manage across a handful of clients, to hundreds, without the effort. Join this session to learn more.

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Differentiate your firm and create unlimited efficiencies

  • Learn what XBert Intelligence brings to your practice and how it can help you get more work done while unlocking new revenue streams.

  • Explore the first XI-powered feature, Custom XBerts.

  • See examples of Custom XBerts that help you grow your advisory service and revenue.

  • Discover how Custom XBerts can make your team more efficient, allowing you to scale your practice without the need to add more team members.

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Just ask XBert Intelligence

If you’re serious about making more money in your practice, ask us anything about how XBert can work for you.

Book your place today and take the first step towards transforming your services into a proactive powerhouse with XBert.

Meet the Speakers


Aaron Wittman



Cam Anderson

General Manager - Customer


Will Rush

General Manager - UK

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