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Integrates and monitors data from
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'Saves time before compliance work'

"Really loving the detail that XBert brings to the surface around client analytics and data integrity. And if they add a new check or update an existing one, it automatically reviews historical information, so that you can ensure your data is as high quality as it can be. We're finding time savings in running the analytics before we do our compliance work, and are really now starting to explore the workflow management side of the product. Can't wait to see what is next on the radar for this great tool :)"

Cassandra Scott, Director, Laurus

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'Confidence in the quality of the data'

“In the past we reviewed all the transactions to ensure it’s all correct. And then we’d be having discussions with the client about errors in the business. Using XBert immediately improves timeliness and confidence in the quality of the data, and that allows me to go back to the client and have meaningful discussions regarding the performance of the business.”

Pierre Dixon, Managing Director, Real Time Accounting

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'Onboarding more clients'

“I have started onboarding more clients, because I knew I had the mental capacity to cope with the workload. Everything is systematic and organised in the one system and it’s so easy to see where your staff are up to at any given time."

Sumi Sivalingam - First Class Accounts Doncaster

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