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WEBINAR - AUS | NZ - 3 July 2024 | 12:00 PM AEST

We’ll discuss how XI understands the unique needs of the accounting industry and how it helps you stay competitive.

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Learn how to differentiate your firm and create unlimited efficiencies

  • Learn what XBert Intelligence brings to your practice and how it can help you get more work done while unlocking new revenue streams.

  • Explore the first XI-powered feature, Custom XBerts.

  • See examples of Custom XBerts that help you grow your advisory service and revenue.

  • Discover how Custom XBerts can make your team more efficient, allowing you to scale your practice without the need to add more team members.

Meet the Speakers

Cam Anderson

General Manager - Customer

Inbal Rodnay


Brendan Lucas

Next Dimension Accounting

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